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Please pray before reading this page....... "LORD, not my will but thine"

Below is a list of ways you can help Honduras Missions fulfill the great commission and 1 John 3:17 That it may abound to your heavenly account


One Time Donations of $25
Sorry our food prices this year have skyrocked Our rice and beans are now near $100 per bag. Last year thy were $25 per 100lb bag. This has hurt in many ways.

$25 buys 25lbs of rice or beans
Distributed through The Whensawe Distribution Center, every family pack contains Gospel Tracts
$25 gives 1 set of school clothes/uniforms for 1 child Dress/pants & Shirt.. Shoes cost more
$25 provides doctors visit and antibiotics
$25 Distributes 5 Bibles purchased locally

Monthly Donations (SPONSORS NEEDED)
To view a child in need visit our Children's Profiles Link

$10 Per Month:
Supplies a Bible Institute Student with needed supplies.

Child Sponsorship in one of the following areas
A- $25 Food for a month for a child (rice/beans)
B- $30 Basic elementary schooling through the public/catholic church or / $65 for private Christian Schooling (Once enough are sponsored we will start our own school)
C- Ongoing medication/care for medically needy children

Larger Projects Ideas
$450 will ship a 4'x4'x'4' pallet of ??? from Queens NY to Choluteca Honduras. Great idea for Sunday School Class projects to send clothes, Hygene packs, toys Bibles tracts or?...
$5500 will buy property and build a home for a family
$7500 will build an Adobe/Cement Church Building lasting 50 Years
$4500 will ship 40,000 lbs of donation food to the Children’s Lighthouse
$4500 will ship 25,000 whole Bibles + millions of tracts
$4500 will ship 3000 cubic feet of donated goods from the USA. Thats only 8 cents per lb compared to 3+ dollars per lb to mail. Bibles, toys, clothes, equipment, building supplies, school supplies...endless.
$10,000+ needed to build a Church on property in Barrio La Cruz Choluteca. Update-COMPLETED!
$10,000 for a Distribution warehouse to receive donations and distribute to those in need UPDATE-

Current Project List
2nd Church Plant in Los Terreros Still needs building and supplies (property and hut purchased!) Answered Prayer! Building is UP! Just needs doors and windows($600) Pastor Enemesio is building them now! First Sunday Service 247 attended! Also Solar panels and lights installed (Light upon a hill Amen!)
Update- Doors and windows installed!!
1st Church Plant In Choluteca- Property was $10,000+ Currently squating and cannot build unless purchased. Every service is under the threat of not being allowed to gather there. Services are in tents. A DIRE Need! We tried purchasing this property in the beginning for $10,000. The owner gave us a year to pay for it because we had no funds. 2-3 months later he sold it to the local bar for $11,000, They sold it to another liquor store owner for $16,000. They are willing to now sell it to our church for $22,000....similar problems on other property in the city as well...Need prayer. UPDATE- ANSWERED PRAYER! The church purchased a property. Now we need to build. A small church constructed in the City is about $10,000. Two years under a tent so far. With 100 degree temps and driving rain, either dust or mud we still see 100 folks often gather to worship... But it is very difficult. Sometimes standing in ankle deep mud during services.
UPDATE Church Building constructed!!! Needs finishing but were under roof with Lights!! AND SS Classes were built!
3rd Church in Lenaca-
Roof rebuilt(done), walls rebuilt(done), Childrens roof built(done). Solar panels and lights installed(done)- Still needs cement blocks for childrens Sunday School class about $600, 100 Chairs about $5 each. The Church will be purchasing their land and building this year...Amen! Church purchased the Property!! AMEN
4rd Church Plant in Colonia- will need $7500 in just a few months if all goes according to plan. Land has already been promised for donation if we get it all organized and can build. AMEN! Still a Need!
5th Church Plant in San Geronimo--Lost property and is meeting in Homes Needs a facility. Using tent currently

Timotheos Bible Institute/ National Pastors library
- Church Planting $5,000 For, final years of curriculm/ Property/Teaching Materials/Supplies- NEED more Portable DVD players, Paper, Riso ink, copier ect. My hearts desire is to have a centrally located library for nationals to come to research, study for messages, copy materials and in general prepare to teach their people, Every book or piece of material you send would help in this area Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Whensawe Distribution Center - Land already purchased AMEN!, $10,000 for Warehouse construction Need soon!(Completed!) Goal is to import 3-10 containers per year, 1st Container arrived and other containers promised. Needs: Security fence- cost $5000(Completed!), Still need electic and water $3000

Vehicle needs -
1-Truck 4x4 $17,000 A dire need -ANSWERED PRAYER !! The LORD provided a new 4x4 double cab 6 passanger diesel 4cyl Kia! Using it so much we have already worn out the tires in 6 months. It is always loaded either with 4000-6000lbs of construction material or our growning family of 25 people.

UPDATE we have worked this truck like a mule and it is in need of maint/repair. It has hauled more than a million lbs of material for church... Needs rear end and transfer case rebuilt

2-BUS-25-45passanger. We have grown to the point a small bus is now needed. The Kia does it all but when its raining 1/2 the children get wet....Only 12 fit in the 6 passanger cab... Our family is now 17 and growing as the LORD puts more abused children in our care Preparing for 50+

Children's Lighthouse Orphanage/Farm/feeding center - Also a dire need. A dream...becoming reality! A donation came in to start building a place for the children to be out of the city, grow in the nurture and admonition of the LORD with room to play safely. It is truly becoming a reality but much is lacking. Site work, Foundation, walls, roof, retaining wall are done, yet many needfull things are not in our budget: Drinking water well $5000, Septic system(septic is done!), Finishing work: furniture, paving, water drainage(on a mountain in the tropics), road into the property. Our funds allowed for walls a roof.(Amen!) But a long ways to go.
ANSWERED PRAYER! 32 Acres Donated! Building Started in Jan 2008.
Need funds, building supplies, volunteers to build the home for our expanding family of children.
30 Children per month in Choluteca alone are orphaned, abandonded, or removed by the government due to sexual abuse/trade. Each child you help us rescue makes a difference for eternity... Look at the Blog from Aug 26th, 2008 for progress. Looking good, yet still needs alot of finishing done; Doors, windows, fixtures, tile, more cement work, classes and dorms finished, and furnished, Kitchen finished and furnished, water well ect.
Update Electic is on! Most of the doors and windows are in, need a few more fixtures
Need classes finished, bedding and furniture and a drinkable well water(deeper)

QUESTION? 2 Corinthians 8:12-14 says " this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want" IN HEAVEN,...WHO GETS THE BETTER REWARD? You... or Them? Now read verse 8 Thou good and faithful servant. Or 1John3:17 or Psalms 10:14 or Proverbs 21:13 or Luke 7:22 or Matthew 6:20-21 or Matthew 25:35-36 or...For where your heart is.

We would also welcome support directly to Honduras Missions as your Ministry.
We operate on 1/3 the support level of Board sent missionaries and willfully burned our retreat bridge for returning to the USA when accepting the children in as ours...

Food for Thought:
(I was asked recently because of recent news events. "Where would you put all those kids if trouble breaks out and you have to leave the country?"...

They obviously did not understand our commitment...If the children can't leave neither can we...The LORD has placed them in our care not to be abandonded again and He is our ensample... Heb 13:5-6 He will never leave thee nor forsake thee.)

Only those close to us truely understand how much God mutiplies what little we receive through ministering saints

Thank You
Unworthy Servants to a Worthy Saviour
The Ritchies

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Our Home Church handles this for regular mailed check support


Honduras Missions
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